Gravity is a new concept of Automation (infra) as a Service.

The idea behind gravity is to “out source” your automation infrastructure and allows you to use automation as you use/consume any other service – significantly reduce automation development and maintenance time.

Gravity service can be hosted on the cloud, on premise or embedded in your code. Gravity API is built upon Selenium for web automation, Appium for mobile automation and UiA for windows based desktop applications. Gravity API is fully W3C WebDriver Compliance and can be integrated out of the box with any compliant web-driver. All Selenium features are supported and exposed via the API (including Grid, all drivers capabilities and arguments, all driver types and more)

You do not need to know Selenium nor REST in order to create automation suites and utilize the automation capabilities of Gravity. Gravity API is fully data-driven (both out and embedded data sources are supported). Gravity API can run in-parallel on the iteration level, which means the only limitation is actually your hardware. Gravity is also a powerful web crawler with unique capabilities and features

Any HTTP client can execute Gravity requests like

  • Postman
  • Any browser extensions
  • Any IDE, Development language
  • Any tool which can send http requests

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